Ownership Of Health


Sadly, we nearly all develop health and fitness problems at some time in our lives.  Only very few lucky souls do not need some kind of therapist input.  We know from our own work experience that the NHS is bursting at the seams and now faces twenty billion pounds of funding reduction. 


This will reduce availability of services even more and waiting lists will get longer particularly for therapies such as physiotherapy and alternative therapies now known as integrative medicine will be almost non-existent.  What we want to do is provide a sensibly priced treatment centre that allows you to take ownership of your own health needs.


Quite frankly, the reality now is that we are not going to be able to rely on others and so we must all focus ourselves on what we require for our health. We get one shot at this mortal coil.  Nearly all the time we have to focus on the needs of other people.  This may be family, loved ones or your employer.


As an exercise, think about how often you are able to do things just for yourself or your own health.  Keep a diary for a few days and see how much time you have devoted to yourself.  Do you put your own name in your own diary?