Balanced Programme


However tedious it seems the first session needs to include a full assessment. 

Our questionnaire can also be completed in advance online about your general health and then a discussion about what you have done in the past and of great importance how you wish to proceed in the future and with what objective.


You might say "I have never been fit in my life, I am overweight and even have a tendency to diabetes" – do not worry, all we need is confirmation from your doctor that you are fit enough to embark on a careful treatment programme and we will show you what needs to be done. There is no-one who is too unfit to start.  We will never make you feel awkward.  We will do everything to make you feel much more comfortable in your own body and enhance your physical capability.


If however you are an elite athlete nursing an injury that is stopping you performing then we do also have the in-house skills to help you, not just get back to your previous level, but actually take you further.  Building up confidence after an injury is paramount to elite performance or even reasonable quality sport: the more hesitation then the greater the likelihood of the injury recurring. 


As an example as how athlete training with injury sometimes lets us down, we are aware that with basic injury management not enough work is finally done to make sure that muscle position sense has fully recovered. This means that the balance within the muscles has not been restored and that extra yard of personal training focusing on that particular aspect will again be beneficial.