Fitness and Stamina


Michael,  in the guise of Dr Gross, a consultant neurologist, has said to his patients many times that it doesn’t matter whether you are well or unfortunately unwell, you can be well and unfit and also have an illness and be unfit with it.


This means that if you are well and unfit you are not performing at the best to your potential.  Likewise, if you have any illness, and you are less fit than you might be, then once again your full potential, even in the setting of ill health, cannot be achieved. Physical activity enhances every aspect of our performance.


The key for any individual be they well, unwell, fit or unfit is in the setting of an achievable target.  If the target is set too high and unachievable, then the psychological state will be diminished and performance will be even less good. Our therapists set those targets, a crucial requirement in all treatment and personal training regimes.


Quality nutrition and good sleep hygiene are essential parts of the 'Wellbeing’ concept  W.


The pressures on all of us in the complex society we have mean that we just do not look after ourselves.