The whole world has reeled with the COVID pandemic. Every aspect of the living experience has faced challenges. If you or any members of your family or friends have faced bereavement or continuing illness as a consequence of the pandemic, then we extend our sympathies and ongoing support.


The need for rehabilitation as you know from our previous notices, never went away, and continues. If anything, the lack of treatment resource in society has caused many people considerable difficulty and we are hoping to continue with our ability to treat everyone who has the need.


Our physical and psychological therapists continue to play a critical role in ensuring that rehabilitation continues.


As many of you know the pace of re-opening services within the NHS has been at times quite slow and we re in no way critical of this, we just want to add support.


For many the stopping of services has had a catastrophic impact. We are seeing people who have literally not left their homes for two years. This has led to fundamental deconditioning and a loss of fitness, stamina, and strength.


Many of us have become much more introspective and as one of our clients stated, it was as if confidence had been top sliced down.


In the world of physiotherapy, there has been a tendency to perceive that a single video session with an information sheet is a substitute for a fully integrated face-to-face and hands on interaction. Working with people in a therapeutic environment, is very much part of the rehabilitation process.


Both Karen and Michael are more than aware that working in a professional space is particularly helpful for many people. Knowing that it is necessary to attend a supportive centre perhaps even more so with The Body Factory being family-owned and run, means that there is kindness, attention to detail, a safe and confidential space, and the highest quality of therapists.


The place to leave the bad stuff in life is in the professional space of the counselling psychologists. Similarly, the place to enhance fitness, stamina, and strength and to deal with any injuries, illnesses, or the post-operative state is in our centre with our physical therapists, be they physiotherapists or therapeutic trainers.


We also offer acupuncture, Pilates, pain management, and complimentary therapy.


We continue to be covered by all the private insurance companies for physiotherapy and a number of the insurers will also cover talking therapies.


In previous discussions, we have noted that people with a vast range of health conditions have been denied appropriate management and treatments. In a particular study individuals who receive stroke care with physiotherapy and training one-year post-stroke are more likely to be alive, independent, and living at home, than if they are denied that treatment. We need to think about all of our family members who are infirm, or senior, particularly if they have had illness. Can we say with certainty that all of our loved ones have received the care and rehabilitation that has always been regarded as vital in the past? Rehabilitation is not a luxury; it is an imperative essential. The less you do, the less you do. If you do not use any part of the body effectively, you lose it more.


We continue to work with every age group in the setting of injury, illness, or the post-operative state.


Do not hesitate to get in contact on 0208 861 1555, or via the email to discuss your personal needs. Self-referral is perfectly acceptable, or you may like to get referral via your GP or Consultant. If you are not insured, we think you will be surprised at the relatively low cost of treatment being £52 for a new patient physiotherapy assessment and £35 for follow up sessions. The therapeutic and physical trainers charge between £35 and £45 per session. We continue to have highly professional large gym spaces with a mirrored studio and very comfortable consulting rooms with easy parking.


The last two years have been incredibly difficult for everyone. The prevalence of the virus and the lockdown situations have generated a great deal of psychological as well as physical challenges which to some extent continue for many people. In our opinion, we need to rebuild our physical and psychological resilience and make sure that our general health is good in order to cope with future needs. We are all human with our own frailties, but those of us in medical and paramedical practice do have the advantage of professional training. This means we are used to handling infections but continue to be professional in what we do and quite simply that is what professional training is all about. Karen and I wish you everything we would want for ourselves and our own family.

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The Body Factory is recognised by all major private health insurance companies in the UK.