Podiatry & Gait Analysis

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Podiatry is the healthcare profession that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the foot.


The exertions of sports and daily activities can have an adverse impact on the joints and muscles of the feet. In addition many disease processes, such as the various forms of Arthritis, Diabetes, and many neurological conditions can cause changes to foot health.


Musculoskeletal or Sports Podiatry is the specialist area of the profession that uses non-invasive assessments and therapies to manage conditions related to foot functionality. The service based here at the Body Factory uses complex analysis techniques to establish where the poor function originates from.


In general patients will undergo a 3 hour clinical gait analysis (2 hour data collection, 1 hour follow up session) which captures all the information required to determine how the joints and muscles function. The analysis includes the use of advanced motion capture and in-shoe force/pressure evaluation systems. People of all ages and of varying activity levels are susceptible to lower limb and foot pain. Therefore each assessment undertaken at the Body Factory is fully tailored to the patient ensuring the most accurate assessment and diagnosis.


Young children with flat feet or knee pain for example will require a different method and aimed at assessing how the child is developing.


A professional golfer or cricketer with lower back pain for example may require a more formal biomechanical analysis and analysis of the foot function during the respective actions.


One of the primary aims of this form of evaluation is to determine where the main symptoms actually stem from. Therefore the analysis is not centred solely on the joints and structures that make up the foot but also sections of the lower limb and body which are affected by and/or impact on foot function. Integrating with other in-house musculoskeletal specialists results in the preparation of a comprehensive treatment plan. This will include muscle and joint balancing exercises to improve function, footwear advice to ensure the correct level of support is present; and also the prescription of totally bespoke orthotics/insoles.


We use revolutionary techniques to ensure the foot is moving in a more natural manner rather than becoming redundant within the shoe. The ultimate goal of the treatment is a return to the desired level of physical activity in a pain free environment. In addition by assessing and addressing the potential risk of any poor mechanics; it is hoped to minimise the occurrence of future injuries.



Jayesh Thakrar

Musculoskeletal Podiatrist



Jayesh has been working in the field of podiatry, biomechanics and gait analysis for over 10 years. He trained and first practised at University College London and The London Foot Hospital. Working within this centre of excellence provided Jayesh with invaluable exposure to complex sports and other musculoskeletal cases. He then perused further training and interest in the field of lower limb biomechanics. This involves in-depth analysis of posture, walking, and running styles and relating the findings to how the joints and muscles function.


Having developed unique assessment methods Jayesh embarked on a new venture and set up FOOTSCOPE. Jayesh is the director and lead clinician at FOOTSCOPE, a company specialising in the assessment of lower limb biomechanics. The company now operates two fully equipped gait analysis labs, the second of which is on-site here at the Bowskill Clinic. In addition, Jayesh is involved with undergraduate teaching at the Centre for Clinical Education in Podiatry, University of East London.


His clients are of all ages and varying activity backgrounds. Children suffering from conditions related to skeletal development, those partaking in amateur or professional sports, to people who have symptoms related to their everyday activities. Complaints can range from foot and ankle pain to issues higher up the body or kinetic chain.


Although Jayesh’s expertise is complex foot mechanics, he is able to use the advanced analysis tools to relate what is happening at the foot level to the rest of the body. Together with his colleagues at the Bowskill Clinic he is establishing an impressive multi-disciplinary approach to musculoskeletal complications. Simply taking a quick video of someone on a treadmill or a screen shot of a client on pressure sensors does not lead to a meaningful diagnosis. Jayesh uses his experience and knowledge to interpret what these results mean. This allows him to identify the primary cause of the symptoms and write a tailored and comprehensive report for each individual client.


When indicated he will prescribe bespoke and functional orthotics/insoles. Normal insoles tend to simply cushion a foot and apply some bulk in the arch area. However the data gathered from a client’s analysis will provide Jayesh with the information to prescribe a customised device to modify and improve foot function. This allows the muscles and joints to operate in a more desirable and natural manner, rather than forcing the foot to become almost dormant and reliant on the device. This in turn leads to a more comfortable return to activities.