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Physiotherapists go through an extensive three year training programme.  They learn about the action of all the muscles and joints.  They know about breathing properly and cardio-vascular disease.  They work either with a diagnosis given to them by the general practitioner or a specialist or they may be asked to sort out where the problem is arising and then offer an appropriate treatment programme.  No problem is either too big or too small for our therapists to handle.  An initial assessment over one hour will determine how best to treat and approximately how many sessions will be required. 


It is easy to become accustomed to or just manage pain throughout our normal daily lives.  We find ourselves too busy sometimes to manage chronic back and neck pain and daily headache.  Lives then become controlled by the pain that is being experienced.  Physiotherapists will use every treatment modality available at the Body Factory.  We will certainly help you open all the doors that will enable either a pain-free life or at least one where pain can be much better controlled. 


Here at 'The Body Factory' we have a team of specialist physiotherapists who will identify the precise source of your pain.  Once identified, we will place you along a path of treatment and exercise rehabilitation programme. 


We also offer an "At Home Physiotherapy" service to fit in with your lifestyle in your own environment.


If you are suffering from pain and want to know more about how to help then make an appointment at "The Body Factory". We all look forward to working with you.


All our therapists are chartered and registered with the Health Professions Council.









Jesse Cope


Jesse is our lead Physiotherapist and brings a wealth of experience to our physio team. Having trained and worked in London and America he has now settled at The Body Factory to help deliver a first class physiotherapy service to North West London.


Jesse oversees the training and development at The Body Factory but also has clinical specialties in :

- Back pain - working alongside local Spinal Orthopaedic Consultants

- Balance Therapy - see London Balance Clinic.

- Sports Injuries - Jesse has worked with premier league football clubs and some of the top golfers, gymnasts and athletes across the UK and America.

Andrew Howell


Andrew is a physiotherapist, personal fitness trainer, acupuncturist and international athlete.


Andrew also has a particular expertise in training people for marathon running together with a build-up programme and conditioning. Andrew is very keen on the principle of “Giving back to your body”.

Having qualified from Brunel as a physiotherapist Andrew has already gathered a following of patients and fellow athletes who have benefited greatly from his extraordinary understanding of not just how the body works but how it can work better and more efficiently having recovered from illness or injury.


He has a passion to help educate and help encourage others to enhance their physical condition. He does not say it is easy but setting right the goal is vital. The rewards can be great. The initial hard work gets easier and easier and by using skilled personal training techniques, fitness work will be enjoyable.

Kalambo Simpungwe


Kalambo is a highly experienced clinician having worked across all the main fields of physiotherapy in both a hospital and sporting setting.


He has always been a dedicated sportsman and continues to enjoy his football alongside his daily work.


Since qualifying from Brunel University in 2006, he has continued to develop his clinical skills and as such also practises acupuncture as a common method of treatment. He has a special interest in facilitating the recovery of neuro musculoskeletal, neurological and eldery patient groups.


Kalambo's focus in on ensuring the patients acute goals are met but also on educating individuals so they can understand how best to maintain the effects of the treatment and optimise their future function. He is particularly skilled at using functional assessment and rehabilitation in the treatment of disorders.


He has developed an "At Home Physiotherapy" service. The initial assesment is £85. Further treatments are £60 per session in your own home. He also uses the superb facilities at The Body Factory.

Sonal Thakrar


Sonal is a Chartered Physiotherapist, acupuncturist and trained Pilates instructor.

Since graduating from the University of Nottingham Sonal had gained experience in working for the NHS, private practice and the Health Innovation Network. She has been working in a variety of Physiotherapy disciplines, specialising in Musculoskeletal injuries, Orthopaedic and post-operative rehabilitation. Sonal has developed upon these skills whilst working in Private practice rehabilitating a variety of sporting and work related injuries as well as teaching Pilates.

She is a qualified Clinical Pilates instructor, which she teaches on a one to one basis, carefully selecting specific exercises depending on the person and the condition. She also specialises in antenatal and postnatal Clinical Pilates.

Sonal uses her Physiotherapy expertise and Pilates experience to rehabilitate all conditions , treating the root and not just the problem as well as regularly undertaking training courses to update her skills. She uses a variety of techniques to treat including acupuncture, taping, manual therapy, self-management tools and a variety of rehabilitative exercises.

Jessica Harper


Jessica is a highly skilled and experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with current membership of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care. After graduating from Brunel University, in 2009, she continued her professional development by attaining her qualification for acupuncture and developing a specialist interest in respiratory physiotherapy and critical care.

She worked for a number of years as a senior physiotherapist in a world renowned, teaching hospital in London, which is a major trauma Centre, so she had the rare opportunity to treat people directly post trauma/accident/injury/crisis and see their rehab right through from critical care to home based therapy. Since then she has balanced her efforts between working in private practice and in the NHS in critical care and respiratory clinics.

Jessica has developed a clinical speciality and keen interest in treating people suffering with respiratory conditions and dysfunctional breathing. Some of the conditions that she has a passion to treat are recurrent chest infections, Bronchiectasis, COPD, Asthma, Hyperventilation/dysfunctional breathing patterns, Relaxation and anxiety management and Inspiratory muscle training. Jessica can also provide advice and assistance with long term tracheostomy care in the community.

Jessica also has a vast knowledge and experience, and, enjoys treating a diverse caseload including vestibular and balance cases and sports injuries. She uses her many years of specialist experience to ensure patients achieve their own personal goals and work hand in hand with them in order to recover from pain or crisis and get back to their full potential.