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Our emphasis is on personal. We all have our own needs and goals be they fitness, weight loss or just enjoying testing our physical condition. Setting a personalised programme is essential and all our trainers will initially determine what is right for you.


We are very fortunate to have so much talent under one roof. There are trainers who specialise in back and neck pain and balance disorders. We are very keen to help rehabilitation of injury or assisting recovery after major surgery. Unfortunately the NHS only allows very little physio and no personal training which we know are essential for making a full recovery. If you want help with weight loss then it is a simple equation increase exercise and calorie use and reduce calorie intake. All our trainers work with nutritionists to make this happen for you but it does require each and every one of us to take ownership of our health and wellbeing.

Personal training needs to be enjoyable as well as affective and challenging. It should be something to look forward to on a regular basis knowing you have the encouragement and support not just of the trainers but all who work at The Body Factory.


Mark Howell


Mark decided early that fitness and personal training was for him and rapidly passed his level 2, level 3 and level 4 personal training qualifications. He has also completed the GP referral course.  This will make him one of the few personal trainers who have extended their knowledge to that level. He has a special interest in back pain and weight loss.


A more than useful footballer, he is a natural at all sports and has an enthusiasm about his training that is as effective as it is inventive and enjoyable.  Mark works on the principle that all aspects of life are fun and that should include what you do with regard to your physical health and training programmes. 


He has been a full time Personal Trainer within the David Lloyd organisation. He has developed a specialist interest in the Personal training of people with back pain Many PT’s fight shy of this problem as it can be so challenging to help. Mark has the opposite approach recognising that such sufferers need extra skilled assistance and Mark will work with you to make sure you are in control of your back not your back in control of your life His working motto is “Get Back in control”.

Winston Brandt


I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years.


Dynamic and fun are two words I would use to describe my personal training ethos. I tailor each workout towards my clients, ensuring they reach their goals. Your goal is my goal!!!


I specialise in:

Weight Loss

Muscle Development

Pre and Post Natal

Circuit Style Training

Core Stability



I have a number of testimonials that can be provided if you wish.

Andrew Howell


Andrew is a physiotherapist, personal fitness trainer, acupuncturist and international athlete.


Andrew also has a particular expertise in training people for marathon running together with a build-up programme and conditioning. Andrew is very keen on the principle of “Giving back to your body”.

Having qualified from Brunel as a physiotherapist Andrew has already gathered a following of patients and fellow athletes who have benefited greatly from his extraordinary understanding of not just how the body works but how it can work better and more efficiently having recovered from illness or injury.


He has a passion to help educate and help encourage others to enhance their physical condition. He does not say it is easy but setting right the goal is vital. The rewards can be great. The initial hard work gets easier and easier and by using skilled personal training techniques, fitness work will be enjoyable.

Dr Sadiyah Ahmad, BDS


A healthcare professional by trade, Sadiyah discovered she had a huge love for all things related to fitness, nutrition, health and wellbeing. This led her to pursue a career in Personal Training. Her passion lies in truly pushing herself physically and mentally and taking the human body to challenging new heights. She loves to be able to transfer her skills to allow her clients to feel fitter, healthier and happier.


Her special interests lie in helping her clients achieve their goals in regards to fat loss, strength and conditioning, including weight training, and chooses to incorporate the many components of specialised fitness including speed, agility, balance and coordination to ensure you experience an effective and diverse fitness regime.


Nutrition is also an important topic to Sadiyah and she is more than happy to discuss what small yet sustainable changes you can make in your daily routine that will reap plenty of lifelong health benefits.


Her holistic approach means you will leave her tailored sessions feeling encouraged about your health and fitness abilities as well as adopting a balanced approach to life and training.