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We are not going to blind you with five thousand years of Chinese thinking about yin and yang, meridian lines and the rest.  What we do know is that acupuncture can really help various pain disorders including headaches, chronic neck and back pain as well as helping recovery from injury and 'stress'.  The needling uses sterile, single use tiny needles that seem to reduce inflammation and promote healing.  Whether manual stimulation or electrical application is used is up to each therapist but the results seem to be the same.  Not surprisingly, not everyone is an acupuncture responder.  This shouldn’t be a surprise as we do not all respond even to paracetamol.  Not all of us like Marmite.  Sometimes the thought of having a needle inserted is frightening but more often than not the process is near painless and the potential benefits outweigh the negatives with almost no side effects in the hands of a skilled practitioner. 


Acupuncture can release endorphins and other pain relieving and mood enhancing chemicals in the body which often gives soothing and relaxing element to the treatment which is often under-appreciated. 


We suggest that if acupuncture is recommended that six sessions should be undertaken first.  If there is no improvement within those six sessions then another therapy should be considered. 


Andrew Howell


Andrew is a physiotherapist, personal fitness trainer, acupuncturist and international athlete.


Andrew also has a particular expertise in training people for marathon running together with a build-up programme and conditioning. Andrew is very keen on the principle of “Giving back to your body”.

Having qualified from Brunel as a physiotherapist Andrew has already gathered a following of patients and fellow athletes who have benefited greatly from his extraordinary understanding of not just how the body works but how it can work better and more efficiently having recovered from illness or injury.


He has a passion to help educate and help encourage others to enhance their physical condition. He does not say it is easy but setting right the goal is vital. The rewards can be great. The initial hard work gets easier and easier and by using skilled personal training techniques, fitness work will be enjoyable.

Jesse Cope


Jesse is our lead Physiotherapist and brings a wealth of experience to our physio team. Having trained and worked in London and America he has now settled at The Body Factory to help deliver a first class physiotherapy service to North West London.


Jesse oversees the training and development at The Body Factory but also has clinical specialties in :

- Back pain - working alongside local Spinal Orthopaedic Consultants

- Balance Therapy - see London Balance Clinic.

- Sports Injuries - Jesse has worked with premier league football clubs and some of the top golfers, gymnasts and athletes across the UK and America.

Kalambo Simpungwe


Kalambo is a highly experienced clinician having worked across all the main fields of physiotherapy in both a hospital and sporting setting.


He has always been a dedicated sportsman and continues to enjoy his football alongside his daily work.


Since qualifying from Brunel University in 2006, he has continued to develop his clinical skills and as such also practises acupuncture as a common method of treatment. He has a special interest in facilitating the recovery of neuro musculoskeletal, neurological and eldery patient groups.


Kalambo's focus in on ensuring the patients acute goals are met but also on educating individuals so they can understand how best to maintain the effects of the treatment and optimise their future function. He is particularly skilled at using functional assessment and rehabilitation in the treatment of disorders.


He has developed an "At Home Physiotherapy" service. The initial assesment is £85. Further treatments are £60 per session in your own home. He also uses the superb facilities at The Body Factory.