1. The physiotherapy workforce has a critical role to play in insuring that rehabilitation continues as a priority service.


  3. Lockdown, the stopping of services and re-appointment of staff happened extremely quickly. However, the pace of reopening these services has been quite the opposite.


  5. We now better understand the catastrophic impact of stopping services on our suffering patients.


  7. There is knowledge about existing inequalities in healthcare as well as the mulit-faceted effects of lockdown on an individual’s physical and mental health.


  9. Within the NHS, physiotherapy departments and rehab space have been requisitioned for new wards, PPE donning and docking zones, storage, administration space, overspill areas and the like. During the early stage of adjusting to work in the pandemic there was a clear spirit that “we are all in this together” and this seemed acceptable. Several months down the line when this rehab space has not been returned, “it simply is not”.


  11. Continuing and building on rehab services for our patients at this time is vital.




In simple terms, people with a vast range of health conditions have been denied appropriate management and treatment. In the same journal the results show that people for instance, who received stroke unit care at one-year post-stroke are more likely to be alive, independent at living at home one-year post-stroke. The benefit was independent of patient age, sex, stroke severity and stroke type. Can all family members of people who have had strokes during the COVID crisis, put hand on heart and say that their loved one has received all the care and rehabilitation that this study and many others confirm is vital. A similar commentary will apply for almost every condition that causes impairment. Rehabilitation is not a luxury it is an imperative essential. The less you do, the less you do. If you do not use it effectively, you lose it more.




Restoring physio and rehabilitation services - CSP Policy Statement




COVID-19 UPDATE - 01/11/2020



To all our wonderful patients,

We wanted to reassure all of you that even with the new thinking we will continue to be open and continue to provide our highly skilled and very much needed treatment and rehabilitation services. We know so many people have felt neglected and by facing such health challenges this has made addressing the social consequences of  Covid even more difficult.

We are there to address specific health needs. We have always been essential front-line health workers professionally trained to provide treatment in a safe environment. We have added post-Covid and Long-Covid sufferers to our repertoire of treatment skills.

Never has it been more important to look after every aspect of your own psychological and physical health. If you have any anxieties or worries do not hesitate to discuss this with our team.


Karen and Michael Gross and everyone at The Body Factory.




ANNOUNCEMENT - 10/07/2020



Having followed government guidelines over the last 4 months, we are pleased to announce that the HCPC has declared face to face (or video) consultations and treatment sessions can resume across all specialities.


With 6000 sq ft of space we are ideally suited to offer treatment with every aspect of health and safety being adopted. We have always cared as much about our client’s welfare as we would our own.


There are inevitable changes for those who already know us as outlined below. If you are a new referral from one of our many referral sources rest assured, we have been way ahead with our thinking and adoption of safety measures.


In the new world we inhabit safety is always going to be bilateral. If you have a fever, cough, unexplained loss of smell or general unwellness you must telephone and let us know. Our therapists would do the same and not attend, seeking the appropriate testing as recommended by government and health advisers.



The Changes:


  1. All therapists, patients and clients can only attend with a pre-booked appointment. We must also have full contact details.


  3. On arrival all clients check in at reception (protected by screen) and will be asked to wait in car if early (if not in car we have other arrangements). As we have an excellent circuit, if paying per session please do so on arrival or let us know if insurance company due to settle the account.


  5. Our two rehab gyms and studio lend themselves to the social isolation required for client and trainer / physio. The large ground floor area has been reconfigured so only two therapists will be in totally separate areas.


  7. Only one therapist in loft area and studio.


  9. Extra cleaning schedules are in place and so much alcohol hand sanitiser all over the building.


  11. Physiotherapists will wear PPE if required. All other therapists (not hands on) will adopt a bilateral, informed decision-making process with every client.


  13. Please sanitise hands on arrival and on leaving.



We do have one apology. We were always a rehab centre not a leisure gym primarily. We willingly opened our doors to local people to use us as a leisure gym. We saw this as a service to the local community, charging as you know incredibly low fees. At this moment we must give priority to the trainers and physios and so we cannot open for gym users yet. We will keep this under constant review.


If worried do remember people attend the centre because they are in pain or needing counselling or rehabilitation, not because they are sick.


The last five months have been incredibly difficult for everyone. If you have had any tragedies in your family or friends, we can only express condolence. We know that this virus and the lockdown has led to great psychological as well as physical challenges which may well endure. Our physical and psychological resilience was always imperative before this world crisis and perhaps we did not recognise it. Now it has become an even greater necessity and if there is anything, we can do to help let us know. We are all human with our own frailties but those of us in medical and paramedical practice do have the advantage of professional training. In adversity “be professional”, that is what training is all about.

Karen and I wish you everything we would want for ourselves and our own family.

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