24/03/2020 - ANNOUNCEMENT


Urgent update following government advice


In view of the recent guidelines we are still open; however only offering reduced hours and only a physiotherapy service.


We are also offering online assessments and treatments via video conferencing for anyone that requires expert advice. We have been authorised for these sessions to be covered by all major insurance companies. So please come and check us out online.



Thank you all ALL for your unwavering support and looking forward to seeing you online or in the clinic in the near future.

If you require any physiotherapy emergency advice/assistance, please click here to book an appointment or contact us via email.


For more information on COVID-19 and Neurology Patients.



20/03/2020 - ANNOUNCEMENT


Urgent update following government advice


  • The Body Factory is a treatment centre. The same as a hospital outpatient department. These remain open and Dr Gross continues to do clinics.

  • We continue to be fastidious with our cleaning and as you have seen less used equipment has been stored.

  • Extra discipline is needed in every aspect of our lives and we are no different.

  • New considerations are being put in place with immediate effect.




  • No loan user of the gym or studio can now be allowed, following the government closure of gyms.

  • Working with a therapeutic trainer continues as it is part of an ongoing health improvement endeavour.

  • Everyone must always pre-book .

  • Trainers must not just turn up with a client. You must telephone and book. We want to limit users to allow for common sense social distancing.

  • All equipment MUST be cleaned by trainers and clients after use to enhance all the work we are doing.

  • If any client has fever, cough, sore throat please do not attend. We reserve the right to ask people to leave but hope with the intelligence of our clients this would not be necessary.

  • Wash hands as recommended pre and post session.

  • Sorry – no groups.

  • We would advise all trainers that there should be minimal touch (hugs etc) unless imperative to demonstrate or correct a movement to prevent harm.

  • Obviously, this cannot apply to physio’s but with no disrespect, they have all worked under military style hospital conditions.


If you have any concerns do speak to Karen or me. We would not put our family at increased risk and that is how we see everyone who enters the building.

We face very difficult times over hopefully only a few months, do remember doctors and nurses have faced this type of challenge many times in long careers, contrary to what you read. So much is common sense and mutual responsibility.
Much love from all of us at The Body Factory.




14/03/2020 - ANNOUNCEMENT

COVID-19 Notice for all clients, patients and therapists


We are aware of the anxiety generated by the current crisis. It is vital for all of us not just to continue looking after our own health but also to have mutual care and responsibility for those around us. The government guidelines are sensible with regard to washing hands and we have extended our already meticulous cleaning routines in the Body Factory.


If you have a fever, cough or significant unwellness then call us to discuss but do not attend.We are all in this together, but together we will all get through. Karen and I have 90 years of acute medical and nursing experience so we are particularly concerned that everyone that comes in to our building has the highest levels of care, compassion and safety applied.


As a family business we would not put any family member at higher risk and we treat everyone as if they are our family.


Kindest regards
Karen & Michael

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