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  • Struggling with your general health and wellbeing?
  • Wanting to improve your nutrition and lifestyle?
  • In need of a more holistic approach?




Life can be difficult and stressful. In such a fast-paced, frantic setting that we all experience, it’s easy to forget about yourself. You may be reaching for fast and ready-made foods, constantly feeling on edge and uptight, experiencing poor sleep and lacking physical activity and the outdoors. This can all contribute to blood sugar and hormone imbalances, higher blood pressure, weight issues, bloating and gut symptoms, anxiety and mood swings, and much more.


Although it may seem an impossible task to bring yourself out of this cycle, there is always a way to improve things. The Green Doctor is here to help you on a holistic path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Additionally, with his experience and skills as a practicing GP, he has a firm grounding in understanding how the body works, and knowing when it is necessary to see your doctor. It also allows him to effectively communicate your nutrition and lifestyle goals with your doctor, so that we can all work together for your well-being.




Personal Services


Nutritional therapy consulting can provide so much. With The Green Doctor you will receive a dedicated one-to-one and family orientated service.


- A holistic approach to chronic diseases and other conditions

- Detailed health plans

- Specialist mentoring in whole food plant based nutrition

- Access to tests and investigations which may be relevant on your health journey

- Guidance on any necessary nutrition supplements


Please contact the Body Factory to set up an initial consultation with The Green Doctor.


Dr Mahesh Shah MBBS. NTDip, mBANT, mCNHC

GP and Nutritional Therapies


After growing up and schooling in London, I studied medicine in Yorkshire at the Hull York Medical School, graduating with MBBS in 2010. I then completed my general practice training in London with the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2015.


Working in general practice gives me a wonderful opportunity of being at the heart of the community, understanding needs and helping people in various ways.


However, we are seeing an ever increasing number of people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity etc.


And what about those persistent and often debilitating experiences like bloating, indigestion, food intolerances, allergies, brain fog, hormonal imbalances and anxiety that I see all too often?…


I sprung into action, wanting to find solutions. I delved into the plethora of research and learnt about the wonders of whole food plant based (WFPB) nutrition and lifestyle changes for great health and well-being. Inspired, this passion led me to a qualification in nutritional therapy, educational talks and presentations for the public and medical professionals, and even writing a nutrition module at university level.


As a GP, I value the one-to-one, family orientated service I provide. And so with The Green Doctor, through my experience as a GP and nutritional therapist, I can help support and empower you and your family on your journey to feeling great!


Whether it’s for a chronic issue or that annoying symptom you just cannot get rid of, a nutritional plan, lifestyle guidance or a holistic approach, The Green Doctor is here for you.


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