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Does massage just make you feel good or does it have more long-lasting effects?  Is it just placebo? What is placebo?


First, good massage does make you feel good. A qualified massage therapist loosens tight muscles, reduces spasm and induces a state of near-hypnotic relaxation.  Scientific study has now shown various massage techniques does help back and neck pain problems without necessarily being of deep tissue style.  The effects are both short and long-lasting.  If muscle spasm is reduced it allows for easier stretching and other instructed exercises to be undertaken and this will lead to subsequent improvement.


Alan Bordeville

Massage Therapist


Alan is a master’s level therapist with 10+ years experience in health, wellness, and stress management. In that time he has worked with private clinics, professional sports teams, and rehabilitation centres.


He completed his training in Vancouver, Canada earning a bachelor’s degree in health science and an advanced diploma in massage therapy. He is also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).


If you suffer from health issues such as muscle pain, headaches, poor posture from sitting at a desk, whiplash, sports injuries (e.g. repetitive strain), or you just want to de-stress, massage therapy can help.


Alan uses advanced techniques and therapeutic exercise to relieve pain, rehabilitate, and promote health. He also has an interest in the psychological benefits of massage, including reduced stress and anxiety, and an increased sense of wellbeing.


When not treating clients, he can be found practicing yoga, running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Shivali Karia

Massage Therapist and Beautician