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Bernice Gorringe - UKCP

Counsellor and Psychotherapist


I am an integrative psychotherapist and work with a relational approach, providing empathy and attentiveness to the client’s experiences of past relationships and events and exploring how they have led to the development of inner conflicts, which impact on the client’s everyday life.


Working relationally also involves working in relationship to the client with the aim of enabling the client to become more self aware and more in touch with their own voice. Part of this process of developing a new a new way of relating to self and others is to attend to the bodily experience of emotions such as depression and anger and to feelings such as anxiety, in order to gain an awareness and understanding of the client’s inner conflicts.


By working closely and attentively from moment to moment in the therapy room it can enable the client to express their own inner voice and become less burdened by conflict.